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This WP established procedures and collected data so as to assure the orderly development of the Project and the achievement of Project aims and results. Project quality assurance, inspired to the ISO9001 methodology, was based on previous setting of effective procedures and control of respect of procedures and deadlines.

Quality assurance measures are described in the Handbook for Quality Assurance that is part of the contracts signed by the Coordinator with each partner. The Handbook lists the main procedures for quality assurance and also specifies for each task: who is in charge of it, how it will be accomplished, when, what are the expected results or products and the quality criteria.

An external project Evaluator and a Scientific director was appointed.
The External Evaluator checked project management and development and pointed out incurred problems and gave advice on possible solutions; producing 4 evaluation reports.

The Scientific Director checked, suggested improvements and approved the two Guides as well as the website structure and content. P1, with European Commission approval, had the abilitiy to assign at will to other Partners tasks (and related budget) that a Partner failed to deliver in time or of requested quality.