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This WP assured the Project results (methodology and website) has been used by target groups during and will continued to be used after the Project.
The target groups are:

    • unemployed people in partner countries
    • directors and personnel of European public and private employment services
    • providers, practitioners, researchers, decision makers and other interested parties in the career guidance field.


Exploitation started as soon as the final version of the methodology and website was produced.
An Exploitation Plan was drawn up at the beginning of the WP, describing in detail the actions each Partner carried out to assure exploitation.

A copyright agreement was  signed by all Partners.
A Guide on delivering career guidance using websites was written in English and translated into partners' languages. It was distributed in paper and electronic format and can be found in the Resources section of this website.

Exploitation of the new version of the website (WP1) produced after the Pilot (WP2) was assured by involving more unemployed in the project website in partner countries and by transferring the methodology to two additional guidance organisations of not partner countries.

Two career guidance organisations from Greece and Romania developed an additional version of the platform in their own language with the help of WP’s responsible Partner.
Their facilitators were trained thanks to the Guide for facilitators developed in WP2, a Skype videoconference and the existing facilitators' discussion list.

At the end of the project each national version of website was taken over and integrated in the websites of each of the partners (see WP1).