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This WP has assured that the methodology and project website are well known by the project's target groups:

  • unemployed people of partner countries
  • directors and personnel of European public and private employment services
  • providers, practitioners, researchers, decision makers and other interested parties in the career guidance field.


Each partner was responsible for dissemination in its own country.
Dissemination of the project started from the very beginning of the project.


A Dissemination Plan was drawn up, describing in detail the actions of each partner. The main tools for dissemination were:

  • Links to the project website on the first page of websites of formal and associate partners
  • A website for dissemination purposes www.jobsearchsupport.net
  • Database and an electronic mailing list used in press campaigns
  • Press campaigns to inform regularly all the interested parties about Project progression and results
  • A multilingual leaflet
  • A Guide on delivering career guidance using websites, available in 7 languages, in electronic format and on paper (downloadable from the Resources section of this website)
  • Participation in nataional level conferences
  • Publication of articiles in international journals within the field of Career Guidance
  • Final conferences about ICT mediated social networking and career guidance, organized in each country
  • The Project  promoted in at least 3 congresses at European and/or National level and 3 national or international journals of the field.
  • A final conference about ICT mediated social networking and career guidance was organized in each country together with national career guidance practitioners associations.