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Mr Tilen Prah - [email protected]

Skupina Kariera nacionalni kadrovski operater d.o.o., is a privat owned organization with concession of Slovenian Ministry of social affairs and labour. Organization is divided in 3 sections each responsible for different field of HR solutions.
Division Kariera.si is responsible for web based job search and has more than 40.000 different monthly users and more than 1000 different job positions available daily. It is supported by latest CRM and IP telephone contact centre, combined with the expert support of online HR advisors. Division Kariera.si is responsible for more than 12.000 sucesfull job placements in 2008.
Division Kariera HR solutions is responsible for delivering expert HR solutions to Slovenian based companies. We deliver solutions such as ‘’headhunting’’, ‘’profile selection and overview’’, HR outsourcing, company HR process optimization, payrol outsourcing...etc. on the highest level.
Division Kariera Student is responsible for career support for students and first time job seekers. Together with division Kariera.si we deliver daily support to part time and first time job seekers up to 27 years of age. We offer several hundred open career opportunities and collaborate with most Slovenian companies in delivering young professionals

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