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For exploitation purposes the WBS project has two new partners that now use the WBS methodology and website.
The Observatory for Lifelong Learning Development (ODIP) 
 Website:  www.odip.ro
The Observatory for Lifelong Learning Development (ODIP) is an independent non-governmental and non-profit research organization involved in research, evaluation, training, consultancy and expertise activities in the field of promotion, development and implementation of lifelong learning policy, at both a national and international level. ODIP is based in Bucharest, Romania, and was established in 2003. The organisation’s main research areas are: lifelong learning policy, the link between vocational education and training and labour market, continuous training of adults, teacher training, e-learning methodologies, innovation and new technologies in education.
The ODIP research portfolio consists of extensive surveys at the national a European level in the field of lifelong learning, social partnership and education. One of the most recent research surveys carried out by ODIP is related to the lifelong learning participation of the employees at risk in the labour market, based on a national sample.
ODIP puts to good use the experience that its members have accumulated through various research and development activities, training and assessment projects with national and international organisations (European Training Foundation, UNICEF, European Council, European Economic and Social Committee).  The relevant expertise within current application of ODIP researchers is related to activities focused on innovative policies for lifelong learning and research methodologies and tools in the area of lifelong learning and innovation. More recently ODIP has been implementing an ESF project, aiming to promote the concept of lifelong learning within public opinion. ODIP also manifests interest and implication in improving the lifelong guidance and counselling system in Romania through its constant collaboration with practitioners, European networks, national authorities and professional bodies in the field.
Website: www.ison.gr
ISON is a Consulting, Counselling & Publishing House established in 1991 and offering services in Greece, Cyprus and the Balkans.
It has exclusive rights for the methodologies of highly reputed organizations, such as the Universities of Minnesota and Harvard, SHRM, the Houses IPAT, PAR, OSGiunti et al.
For over 10 years, it has been delivering in Greece all projects of Challenger Gray & Christmas, HDA, Right Management Consultants, and other international Houses specialized in Management of Change.
Adapting effectively to the specific demands of every type of Organization, ISON offers services to multinational and national, private and public Organizations of all kinds. Acting as a Systemic Consultant, it specializes in Organization, Restructuring, Assessment and Development of Human Potential. The company is market maker in Career Counselling, Psychometric Testing and specialized training.
ISON has developed a substantial ability to be efficient in very different settings by combining the results of the most recent research with the deep understanding of the contemporary international and local business environment. According to the particular circumstances, it offers realistic, practical and effective solutions.
Specialties: Management of Change, Human Resources, Psychometric Testing, Career Counselling

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ISON: Kifisias 31, Athens
ODIP: Stirbei Voda 76, et.1, ap.4, Bucharest