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Ms Rachel Nelson - [email protected]

DEP is an organization specialised in strategic, sociologic and marketing research and information in the field of education, training and work with 15 years of experience working at the local, regional, state and European levels.
Its aim is to support enterprises, public institutions and non-profit organizations in their decision-making process.
Always from the perspective of applied sociology, DEP’s multidisciplinary team of professionals focuses on people and their different roles in society: citizens, users, students, workers, etc.
DEP offers services to a variety of organizations:

  • Training centres (Universities, Institutes, Schools, Academies, etc.)
  • Public Administrations
  • Companies providing educational products and services
  • Professional associations
  • Trade unions and boards
  • Associations and foundations

We have the solid conviction that our contribution helps to improve knowledge on the society and its different segments, and also enables our clients to reach their target public.
DEP is structured into a Research Institute, an Information Service and a Strategic Consultancy Service.
Related activities and websites:
Beyond the original activity, DEP also constitutes the driving force for different Internet-based and editorial projects in the fields of education, training and work. We have to emphasize the Educaweb.com website, which has become the leading Spanish website within the field of academic and professional information and guidance, together with other publications, such as the orientation journal Qestudio.com, for young people aged 16 to 20.

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Carrer del Clot, 104
08018 Barcelona