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National Training Fund


Mail: Ms Zuzana Freibergová - [email protected]

Opletalova 25 110 00 Prague Czech Republic

The NTF was founded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) in 1994 aimed to develop human resources, support lifelong learning, employment and social development in the Czech Republic. The Guidance Services Support Unit (GSSU) was established within the NVF in 2006 and its main activities are research focussed on guidance services provided by public employment services (PES), adult, further and higher education institutions. GSSU closely co-operates with the MoLSA and other bodies involved in provision of guidance services, supports research and innovation, publication activities focusing on educational and vocational guidance, organises information events and specialized events, participates in conception work related to the development of the Czech guidance system. GSSU is an active member of the Association of School Educational Counsellors and the Association of University Guidance Counsellors.e

Agenzia per lo Sviluppo Empolese-Valdelsa spa


Mail: Ms Linda Molinaro (project manager) Email: [email protected]

via delle Fiascaie, 12
50053 EMPOLI (Fi)

ASEV was founded in 2002 by 11 municipalities, different associations and trade unions. Its mission includes organization and management of vocational training courses for many different target-groups: young school drop-outs, young and adult unemployed people, public officers and employees, job-seekers.
ASEV also manages career guidance services in the local PES and different activities related to the economic development of the area.
ASEV’s staff is composed by 25 persons working in different company’s areas:

  • multicultural activities and language courses for foreigners and immigrants;
  • training courses for public officers and employees;
  • vocational training courses for young and adult job-seekers;
  • training courses for local companies;
  • career guidance activities for PES.

ASEV has well-established partnerships with local Municipalities, local High schools, University Departments of Florence and Siena University Campus, the most important Trade Unions and economic associations, many local companies and enterprises, granting Equal Opportunities and multicultural approach.
Additionally, ASEV manages the well-know Pottery School of Montelupo Fiorentino where tradition combines with modern activities and methodologies. More than 7.000 people are estimated to have attended our activities over the last 8 years improving their professional competences and employability.

Skupina Kariera nacionalni kadrovski operater d.o.o.


Mail: Mr Tilen Prah - [email protected]

Dunajska 21
1000 Ljubljana

Skupina Kariera nacionalni kadrovski operater d.o.o., is a privat owned organization with concession of Slovenian Ministry of social affairs and labour. Organization is divided in 3 sections each responsible for different field of HR solutions.
Division Kariera.si is responsible for web based job search and has more than 40.000 different monthly users and more than 1000 different job positions available daily. It is supported by latest CRM and IP telephone contact centre, combined with the expert support of online HR advisors. Division Kariera.si is responsible for more than 12.000 sucesfull job placements in 2008.
Division Kariera HR solutions is responsible for delivering expert HR solutions to Slovenian based companies. We deliver solutions such as ‘’headhunting’’, ‘’profile selection and overview’’, HR outsourcing, company HR process optimization, payrol outsourcing...etc. on the highest level.
Division Kariera Student is responsible for career support for students and first time job seekers. Together with division Kariera.si we deliver daily support to part time and first time job seekers up to 27 years of age. We offer several hundred open career opportunities and collaborate with most Slovenian companies in delivering young professionals

Institut DEP

Mail: Ms Rachel Nelson - [email protected]

Carrer del Clot, 104
08018 Barcelona

DEP is an organization specialised in strategic, sociologic and marketing research and information in the field of education, training and work with 15 years of experience working at the local, regional, state and European levels.
Its aim is to support enterprises, public institutions and non-profit organizations in their decision-making process.
Always from the perspective of applied sociology, DEP’s multidisciplinary team of professionals focuses on people and their different roles in society: citizens, users, students, workers, etc.
DEP offers services to a variety of organizations:

  • Training centres (Universities, Institutes, Schools, Academies, etc.)
  • Public Administrations
  • Companies providing educational products and services
  • Professional associations
  • Trade unions and boards
  • Associations and foundations

We have the solid conviction that our contribution helps to improve knowledge on the society and its different segments, and also enables our clients to reach their target public.
DEP is structured into a Research Institute, an Information Service and a Strategic Consultancy Service.
Related activities and websites:
Beyond the original activity, DEP also constitutes the driving force for different Internet-based and editorial projects in the fields of education, training and work. We have to emphasize the Educaweb.com website, which has become the leading Spanish website within the field of academic and professional information and guidance, together with other publications, such as the orientation journal Qestudio.com, for young people aged 16 to 20.

ECORYS Polska Ltd.


Mail: Ms Ewa Dzielnicka - [email protected]

Łucka 2/4/6
00-845 Warsaw

ECORYS Polska Ltd. is a part of ECORYS – an international Group of research and consulting companies. The group provides services on the highest level, fitted to the Client’s needs, done from an independent and based on knowledge perspective. The company is focused on complex issues of the market, policies and issues connecting with management. Doing that it bases on available reports, reliable knowledge and experience.
ECORYS Polska offers our clients a wide range of products and services in many fields such as: social policy, education, regional and local development policy, structural and cohesion EU funds, monitoring and evaluation of activities, cross-border cooperation, Public-Private Partnership, finance, innovation policy and its instruments, private sector development, real estate market, trade, housing and urban complexes development, transport, agriculture and rural areas development, environmental protection, power industry.
ECORYS specialises in preparing economic strategies, evaluation of programmes and project, economic influence assessment, programmes creation and training.
Currently the Group employs over 550 scientists and consultants in 16 offices in eight countries. It provides services for clients from the private and public sector of all levels worldwide: in Warsaw, Amsterdam, Berlin, Birmingham, Budapest, Brussels, Cardiff, Leeds, London, Madrid, Moscow, Prague, Rotterdam, the Hague, Washington D.C., Manila and Durban.
ECORYS works in Poland since 1995, first named Kolpron, since 2000 it works as ECORYS Polska Ltd.

Business Foundation for Education


Mail: Ms Nevena Rakovska - [email protected]

7 San Stefano
Street 1504

The Business Foundation for Education (BFE) is an acknowledged leader in the field of lifelong learning and guidance in Bulgaria. The NGO was established in 2005 to link the education system and the labour market. Our projects are focused on

  • career counseling
  • competitiveness
  • promoting lifelong learning
  • innovative teaching and learning
  • youth work.

The Foundation has trained over 1000 career counsellors throughout the country under the GCDF program and established networks of 37 university career centers and Career Clubs in the secondary schools. BFE launched various web-based and printed tools for career and personal development.

In 2007 BFE initiated the first national study of Bulgarian students’ career orientation and motivation which involved 12,477 students.

BFE initiated a national internship program and designed an internship platform that helped thousands of students enhance their skills and finds a job. The methodology we introduced is exploited by the state administration, universities and private organizations for designing and implementation of internship programs, training interns and mentors.